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Red Crow's Classic
Gaggia Espresso Machine

With a 13 litre boiler capacity, this machine is designed to have lots of hot water and steam, thus assuring we're always ready to make that perfect cup of espresso, or your favourite cappuccino or latte! 

Eclectic Decor 

We've strived to give the coffee bar an eclectic look by sourcing unique furnishings and decorations... church pews, classic oak office chairs, mid-century coffee pots - both metal and glass, and much more!

Supporting the Community

Many items, including the floor tiles were sourced from Habitat for Humanity's Hamilton "ReStore"... a GREAT source for new and used building materials and furnishings!

To help those in our community, and others around the world, please consider donating to this fine cause.

To donate cash, click here:

Habitat for Humanity Donations

To donate your time, click here:

Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity


Homage to the Medical Profession

Situated near St Joseph's Hospital, and surrounded by numerous medical offices, we show our respect and admiration to the professional care givers...

To support St Joe's visit the...

St Joseph's Foundation Site



Hamilton's newest independent coffee bar is located at...


211 James Street South

Hamilton, Ontario



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