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Home of the Handcrafted Espresso!
Where we don't just push a button,
we actually Handcraft every espresso shot!


Get a Toasted Bagel for just $1.5
or w/Cream Cheese, just $2.5

with any Coffee or Tea Purchase
from 7 to 11 am

add Cream Cheese or Cheddar for just $1
These could very well be Hamilton's Best Bagels!!
Gluten Free Bagels also available at $2.25/3.25

Join us Saturday & Sunday for our...
Weekend Brunch

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Including a poached egg extravaganza!

Regular Menu


Small Coffee
& a CNE
7 am to 11 am





Large Coffee
& Cake
from 2pm


Large Coffee
& Pie







Did you know
that we offer Catering?

Having a morning meeting?

A staff lunch?

Come in and talk to us about catering your event!

We'll put together a custom menu for your function.







7 am to 11 am

Toasted Bagel


With Cream Cheese
just $2.5

GF - add $1

with any coffee purchase & while supplies last... 


Kick Start your Day!

& Small Coffee

7 am - 11 am





Eat in, or take out!**
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On the Light Side

  Prices shown include applicable taxes.

Crow's Nest
Toasted whole wheat English muffin w/butter & honey
Crow's Nest & Egg
Egg White & Cheese on toasted whole wheat English muffin w/cheese, cucumber slices & Mayo
The Ultimate CNE
Egg White, Ham. Cheddar Cheese on toasted ww English muffin w/tomato, ham & spicy Mayo
The Apple Annie CNE
Egg White, Apple, Cheddar Cheese on toasted ww English muffin w/Chutney spicy Mayo
The Sheppard CNE
Egg White, Goat Cheese, Roast Red Pepper & Tomato on toasted ww English muffin w/Mayo
Selected verities available daily. Toasted w/butter
or Cream Cheese
$2.5 / $3.75
Toasted Multigrain Bread, Bacon, Tomato, Lettuce
& Mayo
The Elvis
All natural Peanut Butter, Banana slices & Honey on Multigrain Toast


Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato w/Mayo  on Multigrain Toast
The Yogi
Yogurt w/Fruit, Granola & Honey
Poached Eggs & Toast
Choice of Multigrain Bread or English Muffin
Kale Salad
We treat our Kale to massage, add thin sliced Red Onion & diced fresh Orange and dust it with Black Sesame Seeds. In a Oriental style dressing.
Full...   $6.25
Side...   $4
Bean medley w/red onion and fresh parsley in a red wine & EVO dressing ~ bean blend & healthy additions vary, its rarely exactly the same!

Full...   $6.25
Side...   $4

Greens w/red onion, tomato, cucumber in a Dijon vinaigrette 
Full...   $6.25
Side...   $4

  Prices shown include applicable taxes.


Bunch Saturday & Sunday!
See our full Brunch menu here.

From the Grill... Panini

The Orchard
Cheddar cheese, Granny Smith apple slices and Chutney Mayo on multigrain bread
The Brit
Cheddar Cheese, Pickle & Dijon Mayo on Multigrain Bread
The Caprese
Bocconcini cheese w/fresh tomato & pesto on a whole wheat Ciabatta bun
The Great Dane
2 generous slices of creamy havarti cheese, w/ham, red onion & tomato & spicy mayo on multigrain bread
The Genovese
Genoa salami w/goat cheese, roast red peppers
& pesto on a whole wheat Ciabatta bun
The Gobbler
Deli sliced Turkey w/goat cheese, Lemon infused dried Cranberries, Baby Spinach & Mayo on a whole wheat Ciabatta bun

  Prices Shown Include Tax

** If you're in a rush?, Please feel free to call ahead with your order and we'll do our best to make sure its ready for you to pick up... please try to call at least 15 minutes ahead.


Daily Lunch Feature Items

Limited quantities & available on selected days only
Prices Shown Include Tax
V = Vegetarian    GF = Gluten Free

Monday Dec 11

Beet & Goat   $7.95
Cheese Panini

A classic combination turned into a Panini... we add Arugula dressed in Balsamic & Extra Virgin Olive Oil
On Multigrain Bread

Soup: Beef Vegetable w/Barley
Fibre rich!


Food for thought, read it...
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Or take 3 minutes and...
watch it here!

Tuesday Dec 12

Cheddar, Apple  $7.95
& Bacon Panini

Old Cheddar, Granny Smith Apple slices & Bacon
w/Chutney Mayo on Multigrain Bread

A soup of the day
available Monday to Friday


Prices Shown Include Tax

Wednesday Dec 13

Grilled Portobello   $7.95
 & Havarti Panini

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms, grilled Zucchini, Havarti sautéed Red Onion with a pinch of Thyme
on a multigrain Ciabatta Bun
So popular, this one hasn't changed in 5+ years!

A soup of the day
available Monday to Friday


Fall/Winter Hours
Click here for details

Thursday Dec 14

Mushroom Frittata  $8.95

Italian style pen faced omelette...
Sautéed Potato, Onion & Mushrooms
w/a sprinkle of Parmesan
served w/Kale Salad & Toast

Soup: Rosemary Scented Potato & Ham
Creamy & Aromatic


Prices Shown Include Tax

Friday Nov Dec 15

Sweet Potato    $7.95
& Goat Cheese Wrap

Sweet Potato blended with Goat Cheese, Baby Spinach
w/Sweet Chilli Mayo Grilled in a Multigrain Wrap

A soup of the day
available Monday to Friday

V & GF


All of our soups are made with a minimum 
of added salt & fat!

Soups (*$4 10 oz  cup or $6.25 16 oz bowl), Salads and daily features are limited quantity & available only while supplies last.

Join us for Brunch and find out why our Benny California is quickly becoming the weekend's most popular dish...


** If you're in a rush, please feel free to call ahead with your order and we'll do our best
to make sure its ready for you to pick up... please try to call at least 15 minutes ahead.


A Hamilton independent coffee bar
located between Charlton & Forest at...


211 James Street South

Hamilton, Ontario



Proudly serving locally
roasted fine coffees!


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